Like, Share, Follow, and Connect with LV Technology through Social Media

Technology is a critical tool for every business — until it doesn’t work or becomes compromised. LV Technology keeps your business IT systems secure, reliable, and operational. When they wanted to make their presence more dominant in their expanding marketplace, they turned to the premier advertising agency in the area, KSA&D, for expert marketing services.

One critical component of a broad marketing effort was leveraging social media to its fullest. Along with exceptional tech services, LV Technology prides itself on building relationships and providing the industry’s best customer service. KSA&D made sure that message stood out when posting about LV Technology services, which include cybersecurity, data protection, managed IT solutions, mobile device management, remote workplace, and much more. 

During the last six months, KSA&D has helped LV Technology increase impressions on their social media platforms — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin — by over 1,300%. A combination of weekly, topical video content and relevant blog posts, as well as integrating shareable content from their Microsoft content platform, helped increase post volume and engagement.  On LinkedIn, followers have increased by over 350%, adding over 200 engaged followers, with engagement rates consistently averaging above 6%. 

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