Logo & Branding Design

Branding is an essential component of our work at KSA&D, and we were excited to work with Charter Partners to create a new logo that spoke to the community and the brand.

As a company focused on providing insurance coverage for parents companies, Charter Partners sought out KSA&D’s expert design services to create a fresh, modern logo for their business. Under the direction to create a logo that more accurately represented the company’s community and their dedication to sharing knowledge with their community of entrepreneurs, KSA&D got to work on the design.

Charter Partners set the goal to create a logo that symbolizes the key aspects of their business, including the combined strength of their community, the development of new ideas, and the desire for constant growth.

KSA&D provided conceptual development, research, and graphic design services on this project, creating a logo that spoke directly to the brand and its customers.

As a result, KSA&D created a fresh new logo for Charter Partners in the shape of a tree that speaks directly to their audience in a visually compelling and updated manner. View some of our other work at KSA&D like website design here.

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