Outdoor Advertising Campaign

KSA&D was thrilled to work with Phoebe Ministries to create a billboard campaign that would amplify the Phoebe brand in the Lehigh Valley.

Phoebe Ministries offers a spectrum of care for seniors living in the Lehigh Valley. With a variety of services including independent living, personal care, memory support and more, Phoebe offers more than meets the eye. That is when they turned to KSA&D. Presented with the challenge to create a billboard campaign that would increase public awareness of the wide variety of services offered and expand upon the brand’s already broad reach in the Lehigh Valley community.

For KSA&D, the task was simple. Create a larger than life billboard campaign targeted to reach anyone in need of any type of care, living facility, or had a family member looking for these services. Keeping in mind Phoebe’s long and rich history in the Lehigh Valley and focusing in on the wealth of opportunity to expand the Phoebe brand in the community, KSA&D provided copywriting, graphic design and printing services to create a billboard campaign that resonated with the community.

As a result, Phoebe received a product that spoke directly to the audience they targeted and helped the brand to convey the wealth of services and options they can provide to the community.

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