Mobile Friendly Wordpress Website

A smartly developed, well-designed and user-friendly website can be a powerful brand- and business-building tool. For a company whose business is keeping the power on for customers should disaster occur, P3 Generator Services charged KSA&D with creating a site that is, well, electrifying.


What were our client’s objectives? Many.

  • Take the next steps to building a stronger, more professional regional brand.
  • Highlight the new P3 Generator Remote Monitoring Service.
  • Generate leads through News, Sign Up and Contact Form.
  • Offer sign up for AIRNOW air quality alerts.
  • Attract applications for prospective new employees.
  • Implement a Content Management System (CMS) for ease of updating.

What were the results? All systems go!

We knew that a new site was important to the growth of our business,” says Ted Shelson, marketing manager at P3 Generator Services. “KSA&D worked with us to develop a site that is visually appealing, more accurately promotes our services and is more visible to today’s ever-changing SEO criteria, while keeping us within a manageable budget.

KSA&D keeps P3 Generator Services powering on. We can help you flip the switch, too.

The P3 Generator Services brand was born nearly 25 years ago when a group of local nursing homes reached out for help in maintaining generator systems.

Today, P3 Generator Services ensures an uninterrupted supply of power to customers in health care, water and sewer, emergency management, municipalities, school districts and many other commercial property owners throughout New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania.