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Phoebe Ministries, best recognized for the Phoebe Home, is far more than just a place for elderly people to live. Phoebe is a leader in senior care across many disciplines and facilities including independent living, assisted living and all day, everyday care.

Starting with Phoebe’s website, we rebuilt the content management system, architecture and graphic identity to modernize the site for its demographic target: seniors, their families and caregivers. Bigger type, easy to understand content (no health care lingo!) and inviting design emphasized that Phoebe is a robust network of modern facilities.

The new site, accompanied by a high-visibility multimedia campaign, is quickly changing consumer perception and recognition that Phoebe Ministries is a top-ranked, must-consider choice for a wide variety of senior health care and living needs.

Phoebe Ministries is a nonprofit, multi-facility organization specializing in health care, housing and support services for seniors. Founded in 1903 and affiliated with the United Church of Christ, Phoebe Ministries offers a full continuum of care to suit the diverse needs of older adults.

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