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The St. Luke’s weight management team helps real people get real results, and their newly designed weight loss website by KSA&D portrays those sentiments perfectly.

St. Luke’s needed a redesign that tied into their existing brand but also wanted a sleek, sophisticated look that could fit more into the retail side of the business. KSA&D’s experienced design team worked with St. Luke’s to create an attractive, inviting website that meets all requirements. Some unique parts of the site include incorporating a sharp curve throughout the design, along with leading potential patients through the journey of either surgical or non-surgical weight loss.  

Along with the design, some of the new features KSA&D implemented include a carousel on the Meet the Team page, which features all of the St. Luke’s Weight Management doctors and gives the user easy access to their profiles. KSA&D also designed the individual physician pages that allow for each doctor to use a vanity URL if necessary, giving their patients direct access to the doctor’s information and giving the doctors the ability to showcase a “site” unique to them. 

A full section dedicated to real patients and their actual results is another feature on the new weight loss website.

KSA&D used a filter to help users navigate between surgical and non-surgical patients. Hovering over each patient shows their results from the program, clicking through to their page, then showcases before and after weight results, along with the patient’s story of how St. Luke’s helped them with their weight loss. 

KSA&D and St. Luke’s created an inspiring weight loss website with a more unique visitor experience than other St. Luke’s service lines. Utilizing the Sitecore platform, modern design, and the latest web technologies, KSA&D executed the message that St. Luke’s helps real people get real results, leading to a healthier lifestyle. Looking to modernize your website and brand messaging? KSA&D is here to help!

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