Marketing Campaign

In early 2016, St. Luke’s University Health Network launched an app called Care Anywhere that allowed patients to have a virtual appointment with a doctor right on their phone, tablet or computer. With billboard campaigns, pay-per-click, email marketing and the obvious convenience of the app, hopes were high to get 10,000 downloads in the first year, but the network’s efforts were missing the mark. In October, SLUHN reached out to KSA&D to help achieve its goal.

With traditional and digital ads not working as well as they have in the past, focus group sessions were held to discover patient barriers. Being that Telehealth services are relatively new, patients were concerned that the level of care would not be the same as in-person visits. Another concern was the cost per visit. KSA&D was challenged to position expenses realistically and show users how it could be beneficial the next time they sought medical attention.

KSA&D immediately looked to social media to push this app. We decided these platforms would be great for using humor and relatable situations. They also link right to the Apple Store and Google Play. This would grab the users’ attention and show them how Care Anywhere could actually improve their health care experiences. We showed different relatable content to each specific targets, really allowing messaging to resonate with each.

How did we handle the cost issue? Positioning expense realistically by again showing user situations in which they would be inclined to use Care Anywhere. We also provided offers for discounts and free first visits to users who downloaded the app.

The Care Anywhere social media campaign kicked off in November and ran until the end of December. In those two months, 43 percent of all virtual doctor visits for the entire year occurred. After looking at the data and identifying the cost per acquisition, SLUHN has decided to continue social media advertising Care Anywhere through KSA&D.

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