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KSA&D was given the challenge of creating a website that displayed pricing transparency for medical testing and procedures. The client’s goal was to provide up-to-date pricing to all patients in an aesthetically pleasing fashion – within a matter of just a few clicks. KSA&D partnered with St. Luke’s and the award-winning site, PriceChecker, was born.

St. Luke’s PriceChecker is not only one-of-a-kind in the Lehigh Valley, but also nationally. Very few health care networks have a price transparency site available to patients, and KSA&D could not pass up on the opportunity. “Price transparency is new to the industry. We (KSA&D) are very excited to be part of a forward-thinking healthcare project. Healthcare reform is changing so hospitals need to change with it and St. Luke’s is doing exactly that when they asked us to create PriceChecker. It is one of a kind,” said Peter Schurman, partner and co-owner of KSA&D.

PriceChecker launched with pricing for procedures and imaging, exclusively. Within the first month after launching PriceChecker, the site received just shy of 18,000 pageviews. As the service grew more useful to patients, testing and lab services were added to complete the site. This service allows patients to easily anticipate costs of imaging, tests or procedures they may have scheduled.

Pricechecker was entered into the eHealthcare Leadership Awards, where it won big for Best Overall Internet experience.

The site was up against industry trailblazers, including hospitals such as Duke University Hospital. The challenge of creating a website to display pricing for procedures was accomplished and exceeded when it brought this award home from Las Vegas to the Lehigh Valley. KSA&D was extremely proud of the outcome of this project with St. Luke’s.

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