eCommerce Website Development

Strahman Valves Inc. approached KSA&D with the challenge of redesigning its current e-commerce website. Strahman Valves’ goal was to improve its customer’s overall experience and optimize its new website to be mobile-friendly. KSA&D recommended using the latest and greatest technology tools in order to achieve those goals.

The new website design allows customers to search by specific industry or products directly from the homepage, to help them find exactly what they need as quickly as possible. The site was developed using the latest CS-Cart platform for administrative and user defined control.

Strahman Valves’ new website has many unique qualities including a sales representative locator, which makes it easy for the customer to find a sales rep in their area and is easy for site administrators to add or edit. It also has a product configurator feature that allows customers the ability to customize sampling valves to their specifications and then passes that configuration on to the customer service representatives for ease of ordering. Adding the capability to contact Strahman Valves in a variety of ways was a big change from the old site. KSA&D added a chat box throughout the website pages, as well as “contact us” and “request for proposal” buttons on each page. KSA&D also implemented a search box where customers can search by product name or number to find exactly what they are looking for.

KSA&D launched Strahman Valves’ new website and crushed their goals and expectations. We are thrilled to have an ongoing maintenance contract, so we are able to continue to improve the new website even after launch.

Vanessa Reagle, marketing manager at Strahman Valves Inc. said “Our new website not only looks great, but has provided our customers with a much more user-friendly site and online shopping experience. This site gave us a new design, exciting new features and more functionality for our customers, and all the feedback has been great!”

Strahman Valves Inc. is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacturing of the highest quality and best-performing valve products. Since 1921, Strahman has become the standard for numerous industries including oil and gas refining, chemical, petrochemical, polymer, pulp and paper, mining, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, food processing, beverage, dairy and commercial food serving (restaurants, hotels, colleges and schools).

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