WordPress Website Design and Development

KSA&D was thrilled to work with Tyber Medical to take on the challenge of a complete website update in a limited time frame. For us, no website challenge is too daunting and we embraced the opportunity to work with Tyber Medical to bring their website vision to life.

Tyber Medical is a medical device manufacturer located in Bethlehem, PA, with a unique position in its market. They specialize in rapid access to specialized devices, specifically in the spine and trauma sectors.  The medical devices are custom and built-to-order for their clients and are FDA cleared so that they can be commercialized quickly.

Tyber approached KSA&D with a hefty challenge: a complete site overhaul in less than a month.  With an upcoming trade show, Tyber wanted to make sure their site was updated and optimized to bring in new potential customers.  KSA&D attacked the challenge with enthusiasm and re-designed the entire site in Sitecore within the allotted time.

The new site is more visually engaging with striking blues and dramatic text, replacing the previous design that was mostly white with a small typeface.

Additionally, KSA&D altered the organization of the site. While the original site offered more general information, the new site is catered to the needs of Tyber’s customers. The website addresses the challenges of the customers and shows how specific issues (problem gap, delayed time to market, constrained resources, and outdated implants) can be solved using Tyber’s services.

As a result of KSA&D’s efforts, Tyber Medical’s website is more visually compelling and directly addresses the needs of its consumers.  Using the site and a new digital identity, Tyber received an extremely positive response at their trade show, and have continued to generate leads.  KSA&D continues to work with Tyber and further improves their site with time.

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