Understand the Cost of Your Care with Good Shepherd’s Easy Price Transparency Tool

Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network is a reputable rehabilitation facility throughout Lehigh Valley. When the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) implemented price transparency requirements at the beginning of 2021, Good Shepherd did not hesitate to comply. Good Shepherd turned to their website partners, KSA&D, to efficiently include this information on the website creatively.

Healthcare providers now need to publish payer-specific negotiated rates, specifically, including a CDM file, that must be machine-readable, searchable, and updated quarterly. As the creators of one of the first price transparency tools in the United States, KSA&D said the sky’s the limit on designing and integrating a tool into the site that meets these requirements. 

Keeping full transparency in mind, KsA&D designed a tool that ties into the same easily navigable functionality created for the Good Shepherd website. Our team integrated the chargemaster (CDM) file into a page on the website that showcases negotiated rates for insurance carriers and medicare in an easy interface for users and provides continued trust for the network. 

If you need an easier way to show your price transparency, contact KSA&D. We will be happy to work with you to create a price transparency tool together.

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