Direct Mail Campaign

Victaulic wanted to initiate a two-way, interactive connection with its customers, creating an ongoing flow of information between company and customer. What a concept for industrial plumbing!

The company had recently acquired PermaLynx, a new product line offering a complete system of push-to-connect couplings, fittings, valves and specialty adapters for copper tube.

With the new product, Victaulic wanted a unique way to create brand awareness of this innovative copper joining system. At the same time, their sales team needed to collect customer feedback on this and other plumbing products. KSA&D developed a turnkey P.U.R.L. (Personalized URL) direct marketing campaign to meet both objectives.

Each direct mailer was customized with a personal greeting and the recipient’s name embedded into a web address. Recipients could visit the URL to receive a free sample of PermaLynx by mail. While there, customers were encouraged to complete a survey on their specific buying preferences, providing valuable marketing and purchasing information to Victaulic to enhance its sales and marketing communications efforts.

The personalization and “seeing is believing” aspects of the PermaLynx campaign created great brand awareness for Victaulic’s new product line and launched the first of many new channels of interactive personal communication between the company and customers.

Victaulic is the originator and world’s leading producer of mechanical pipe joining solutions and grooved pipe joining systems.

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