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A positive and unified work environment is the cornerstone of Fragrance Manufacturing, Inc. (FMI). Their business philosophy is to create an environment built upon six core values that influence the workplace and continue out to our families, homes, communities… and the world. 

FMI CEO, Kevin Rhodes, wanted to communicate the company’s core values and purpose in a visual way to his employees and customers. Not sure how to execute the idea, he sought the expertise of KSA&D. 

KSA&D engrossed themselves in FMI’s philosophy and mission, meeting the FMI internal team charged with the program development, and touring the expansive FMI facility. This process prompted KSA&D to craft a dynamic and communicative design that brings FMI’s core values and purpose to life. The goal was to have the viewer/reader embrace the essence of the FMI philosophy immediately, with the flexibility to easily apply the concept to all elements of a comprehensive marketing plan — posters, flyers, literature, t-shirts, banners, wall graphics, wallpaper border, website, social media, email, etc.

KSA&D’s design concept used a word cloud as inspiration. The final graphics showcased many expressions to reflect the character of the typical and ideal FMI coworker, as well as the heart of the core values and purpose. Next, KSA&D crafted the terms into a custom human-formed word graphic featuring two unified people pumping their fists into the air. The emotional, positive image utilized a dynamic color pallet that contrasted perfectly with the dark FMI corporate blue background. 

In displaying and communicating the six core values, KSA&D rewrote each so they could all begin with “We.” This was an essential strategic change to clearly state that FMI is a team, and more so, a family. An empowering headline unified the campaign, and along with the graphic, tied the vision together.

As proof of the commitment to this program, a sizeable 3-dimensional wall graphic was designed and installed in FMI’s primary conference room for every customer to see. This effective program is a testament to FMI’s continuing success and KSA&D’s proven ability to interpret, apply, and build unique and successful brands. 

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