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Overeater’s Anonymous is an international nonprofit support group with more than 60,000 members in more than 50 countries. For the last 50 years, OA has proved success through its 12-step program. KSA&D was chosen to revamp OA’s website to be both approachable and motivational for those struggling with an eating disorder.

The main goal of the site relaunch was to enhance the user experience with imagery, easy-to-use navigation and create a mobile-optimized experience. The site speaks to the three main audiences that OA relates to: newcomers, current members and groups/service bodies, providing custom landing pages that are tailored to each audiences’ specific needs. The site links to other OA groups in different countries, has a built-in Google Translator on the homepage and a search engine to find material on the site and local meetings for the user to attend.

KSA&D overcame the challenge of creating a more welcome and friendly site, not only to maintain its current members but to also gain new ones, and an online application that help members easily find meetings.

The homepage highlights OA’s call to action in an approachable way and, most importantly, inspires and motivates members to go to meetings.

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