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Puritan Products is a supplier and manufacturer of high-purity chemicals that prides itself on excellent customer service. Through the help of KSA&D, Puritan decided to build its site around the products it sells and to change its traditional website to a full customer service site to mirror the company’s values.

KSA&D not only transformed the site to be mobile-friendly, but Puritan’s site is now very similar to an app. The goal was to be efficient and interactive with Puritan’s clientele. The challenge for KSA&D was to make a custom-made search for Puritan chemicals on the site. The site is now responsive through a help tab, a chemical finder and a chat tab where customers can actually search for the product they’re looking for and freely ask questions to Puritan employees. Not only did this create ease for the clientele, but also created functionality for Puritan.

By updating the entire Puritan site, KSA&D impacted the experience for existing clients, future clients and internally for Puritan employees.

By changing the approach of Puritan’s traditional site to a customer service site, KSA&D helped customers find what they are looking for and gave Puritan a chance to have personal interactions with its clientele.

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