WordPress Mobile Website

Medidata is an innovative company that focuses on advancing clinical trials and testing through the advancement of technology. Medidata launched mHealth, or mobile health, which equips participants of clinical trials with sensors, wearables and health apps.

WordPress Mobile Site

KSA&D and Medidata partnered to create the MOVE-2014 mobile-friendly microsite. The goal was to be creative, engaging and interactive while educating the target audience about the benefits of the mHealth MOVE-2014 clinical trial. The challenge was to address the three main client concerns: data quality, subject compliance and clinical insights. The microsite showcases that data in an interactive and interesting way through vertical and horizontal scrolling techniques and animation.

Not only has the site become an integral part of Medidata’s sales cycle for future clients, it also has become more accessible for users. The MOVE-2014 site has inspired a potential second phase.