Don’t Panic! What To Use Instead Of Facebook Analytics

June 29, 2021

You may have heard that Facebook is discontinuing their Facebook Analytics tool on June 30, 2021. If not, now you know! There is still plenty of time to set up another solution and many ways to collect the valuable data you were pulling from Facebook Analytics. Don’t sound the alarm bells just yet, here are a few of the things you can do to prepare, and tools you can use after Facebook Analytics is discontinued. 

Facebook In-Platform Options

While Facebook Analytics has been the tried and true method for pulling insights out of Facebook for many years, it’s not the only option. If you’re not already using Facebook Analytics to pull valuable insights and data points from those that interact with your business, you need to be. At KSA&D, we ensure that our clients’ social media strategies are data driven, and this means regularly checking in to make sure that the content is aligned both with your business goals and your audience. If something isn’t clicking, the insights will tell you. 

Facebook has a number of in-platform options you can continue to use once Facebook Analytics is discontinued. There are three main options to choose from, so let’s break them down. 

Facebook Business Suite

Facebook Business Suite is your one stop shop for all things analytics for your connected Business Manager accounts. The Business Suite has been rolling out across accounts, and will eventually replace Business Manager. This platform allows you to manage your connected Facebook and Instagram accounts and track your paid and organic social metrics in the Insights section. To get started, go to, if you’re eligible for the Business Suite, it should pop up instead of the Business Manager. 

Creator Studio

If you’ve managed a business page on Facebook lately, it’s likely that you’ve seen the Creator Studio offered to you. This tool is a great way to organize and schedule your content, manage your paid content, create content for Facebook and Instagram (including scheduling Stories and IGTV!), and of course, pull insights. You can manage both Facebook and Instagram accounts from the Creator Studio, allowing you to seamlessly manage posts and scheduling for both accounts. Creator Studio allows you to cross schedule and post to both platforms as well, finally giving us the Instagram scheduling tool we’ve all been dreaming of. 

Other Tools We Love

If you’re on the hunt for other analytics and insights tools, we’ve got you covered. There are several options on the market that our marketing team has tested and reviewed that are great for managing your team’s social analytics. 


KSA&D has been using RavenTools for a little while now, and we have to say, if you’re looking for an all-in-one social, email, and website analytics system, RavenTools has you covered. RavenTools allows you to seamlessly integrate reporting and analytics from social media channels, email marketing campaigns, and website analytics into one dashboard. You can create new reports using their WYSIWYG reporting tool, set them up for whatever time frame you choose, and even schedule automatic sends for those much-needed month-over-month reports. RavenTools also allows you to schedule your social content, making it an all-in-one solution for content and scheduling. 


We all know this one, and if you don’t, you should! Hootsuite is the gold standard for social content management. Schedule your posts, run analytics, monitor and manage your DM’s, and integrate your social listening tools. If you’re in need of an all in one solution, Hootsuite is the place. 


Looking for something on the simpler side? Later has you covered. This platform was literally built for Instagram, so if you’re finding that your other options leave something to be desired for Instagram, we recommend giving Later a try! Later offers a few unique options as well, with a hashtag tool that keeps track of relevance, a user-generated content platform to help you pull those key customer posts, and the big one, it even supports scheduling for TikTok!

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