Healthcare is going retail. Are you ready?

August 20, 2020

Healthcare is taking a retail approach, but what does that have to do with your website and marketing plans? 


The healthcare market is rapidly changing. As big-name retailers like CVS and Walmart enter the healthcare market, and virtual healthcare becomes more widely accessible, healthcare providers have more competition than ever before. Acquisition and retention in a new world of patient options mean that healthcare providers must take a hard look at their marketing efforts and, more importantly, their patient experience. 

As a patient, who doesn’t want to have a one-stop-shop? Scheduling an appointment, paying your bill, and having content dynamically served up to you based on your needs and current health situation are just the basics. Where retail health services will win and leave current healthcare marketing in the proverbial “dust” is with excellent patient service. Retail healthcare providers will strive to make the healthcare experience all about the most important person it can: the patient. 

Why is this important for even the most established healthcare networks? Big-box retailers like CVS are opening hundreds of “health hubs” in their local stores, and Walmart is making a move to open healthcare service centers with large store footprints. Healthcare providers will face fierce competition where ease of use and customer experience is essential. These retailers, first and foremost, will provide a smooth customer experience. Give your healthcare platform a competitive edge by focusing on the space where state-of-the-art technology and development tools meet the customer journey, providing you and your patients with the optimal experience. 

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