Kentico 13 is Here! Find Out Why It’s the Latest and Greatest!

March 15, 2021

Change is something most people are uncomfortable with, and a lot prefer to stick with what they know. Take the website platform WordPress, for example. Many people are familiar with how WordPress works and don’t want to stray primarily because it’s free. Free isn’t always the best, and with WordPress, you are more vulnerable to website hacks. So, what if the change is for the better? Here we will explain the benefits of Kentico and their Xperience website platform products. 

While you think it may be easier to stay with your current platform, such as  WordPress, you’re missing out on improved technology with other companies like Kentico. And though it may seem overwhelming to switch to something new, now is a perfect time because Kentico just launched their latest upgraded product – Kentico Xperience 13

This most recent version of Kentico Xperience offers ASP.NET Core MVC framework, allowing for better website performance and load times, better control over code, and makes it easier for deployment. The Kentico Toolkit provides for easy integration with third-party platforms; this and other platform enhancements like dynamic routing, search, and more increases development productivity. 

On top of development improvements, Kentico also enhanced the marketing end of the Xperience product. Marketing automation is performed directly in a CMS to help streamline communication processes and increase marketing performance. There is a reusable content feature to help save time when creating pages, and voice assistant integrations are also a new feature.

Kentico is super easy to navigate on the backend, saves time significantly on maintenance, and can integrate all of your marketing needs right out of the box. All of this sounding too good to be true? Find out for yourself, and say goodbye to your WordPress platform. 

Not only does Kentico offer highly-enhanced digital products, but they also offer a partner program that delivers extensive support and access to added benefits. As a Kentico Xperience Gold Partner, KSA&D receives 24/7 support, discounts, and more. With Kentico-certified developers and marketers, KSA&D can switch you over to Kentico and get you into their latest and greatest Xperience products. Give us a call to talk about setting your website up in Kentico Xperience 13.

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