Strengthen Your Brand with These 5 Successful Tactics

August 4, 2020

Creating a digital brand identity can be a challenging task. The impact of the growth of social media influencers combined with online reviews weighs heavily on the control of your brand value. Keeping your brand on top of the competition is more complicated than ever with these influences. Other factors, like being on local, national, and international platforms, make monitoring your brand presence a constant. 

Strengthening your brand online is something that we excel at using reliable digital marketing tactics like the ones listed below. Contact us to start proactively improving your brand presence, and read through these successful tactics to help your business. 

How to Increase Your Digital Brand Identity:

Take Advantage of In-SERP Features:

In-SERP features are any result in Google that is not a traditional organic search result. These features range from reviews, photos, videos, maps, and any other information a user can get without clicking through to the search result. Google is a fan of these features, and adding them will increase your rankings on Google, making you more visible to achieve brand recognition. 

You may be wondering how to add these features. You’ll want to optimize your website content to answer the questions your users are searching for in Google. Also, make sure you have a Google My Business page set up and keep it up to date. Optimize your website for local and mobile search, and add schema markup to your site. Lastly, add your business to local listings like Yelp. 

Be Present in More Online Conversation Related to Your Brand:

There are several brand conversations that a business should be actively participating in and monitoring. Every time you communicate with the world concerning your business, you are creating a brand conversation. Brand conversations should be included in your blog content, on your website, on social media, on your print materials, and in the tone of voice, language, and visual elements you choose to represent your business. The more brand conversations you create, the more you will strengthen your brand. 

Implement SEO, Social, and Paid Brand Marketing:

It is essential to have your brand present in SEO, social, and paid brand marketing given how much people use social media and search engines in their day-to-day lives. Utilizing each method increases your brand visibility, and is a cost-effective means to reach your audience and expand it.

Use Content to Build Your Brand:

Content is a handy tool for building your brand. You can create your brand by showcasing your company’s expertise and value that you bring to your customers. Reflect your brand culture with your personnel’s professional statuses and strengths. Reinforce what makes your products or services stand out from your competition. 

Leverage Your Brand Through Storytelling:

Adding a story helps bring your brand to life. It helps build trust, brand loyalty, and social engagement. Creating stories through testimonials, case studies, and day-in-the-life staff stories helps connect your brand to your audience by building a relationship. 

KSA&D doesn’t just talk about how to strengthen your brand; we take action by using these and other tactics with every client. Whether you want us to update your website with the latest in design and technology, or get started on social media and improve SEO, we put your business goals first to build your brand and gain more leads. Start a relationship with us today to start optimizing your brand.

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