Every brand has a personality and the expert design team at KSA&D can help bring it to life.

From logos to advertisements and videos to presentations, KSA&D has a solution for your design needs.

  • Branding

    Branding is one of the most important aspects of your business. An effective brand strategy can give your company a competitive edge with an individual, lasting connection with your customers. Whether building a new brand from the ground up or enhancing an existing brand to meet new marketplace conditions, we listen, research and evaluate. Only after we get to know you, your target audiences, and your detailed goals we begin to craft a brand solution—one as unique as you are.

  • Logo Design

    Your logo is your brand’s signature. A logo is a highly visible element of branding that establishes your brand’s uniqueness. KSA&D’s design and marketing teams all contribute to a develop a singular logo design that conveys the image, values, and narrative of your brand. From market research and competitive analysis to elements such as composition, color, typeface, and shape, KSA&D combines every facet to deliver a striking visual identity.

  • Billboard Design

    KSA&D is big on outdoor. Really big. We love creating billboards and outdoor displays that get attention and command a second (and third and fourth) look. Whether it’s traditional or digital, well-designed billboards have the power to build awareness, deliver a commanding “first impression” and drive “impulse response”—all in seven words or less.

  • Mobile & Responsive Design

    Responsive design is a must-have with the multitude of interfaces and operating systems that exist. More customers than ever are now interacting with your business on their mobile device. Websites must be optimized for mobile devices so the elements of the user interface do not cause confusion or a slow-down for customers on the go. From content and products to education and e-commerce, KSA&D can help you yield a successful outcome with measurable results. KSA&D’s team plans designs and develops stunning responsive websites that will increase conversion rates and boost traffic from whatever device a user employs.

  • Print Advertisements & Collateral Materials

    Print ads? Collateral materials? People still use those? Yes, indeed, because they work. In some industries, print materials can help build awareness and drive more traffic to a website. It is hard to beat the hands-on, tactile feel of a well-executed print campaign or the leave-behind impact of powerfully designed marketing collateral. At KSA&D, we help you tell a story that your customers will physically hold onto.

  • Annual Reports

    An annual report that is designed well and presented in the right format is a great way to present company milestones, as well as highlight your company's unique culture. KSA&D can create a unique design for your annual report that will engage stakeholders, provide valuable year-end information and gain new investors. KSA&D can assist with design, content and imagery and deliver in a variety of formats to meet your needs.

  • Video & Storyboarding

    Your business will perform better when you show, rather than just tell. Today, video in online and mobile applications isn’t just an engaging idea. It’s essential to the user experience. In today’s market, customers interact with videos more than ever. KSA&D can help you make a greater impact with creative, state-of-the-art video production that stands out and pulls in customers.

  • Corporate Presentations

    A corporate presentation is a valuable tool to be utilized by management and sales representatives. KSA&D can help you make visual presentations that will have an impact on your audience. It all starts with understanding your business and audience. KSA&D will then take your content and blend it with our knowledge of presentation design to ensure that your presentation is a success.

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